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What is Skood, and
what's good about it?


Skood is a Local Food Delivery App made in Baguio City, Philippines for the locals, our main advocacy in addition to providing hassle-free food delivery transaction to food lovers, is to help local and aspiring food entrepreneurs who don’t have physical stores to market their products out.


Furthermore, we are a company of Local Food Patrons who loves to discover hidden gems in the wilderness of food here in Baguio City and all other parts of the Philippines. Come join us in our exploration and be one of us supporters of local food.

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As a Food Delivery Service company, our number 1 priority on our list is to provide you with easy access to your favorite food. Create an account. Choose your favorite food. Create an order, and voila! Your food is already on your doorstep.


In all honesty, we are also committed to providing you with the comfort and ease when you took an order on our app. Furthermore, we assure you that our riders are the most outstanding among the pack, equipped with the politeness as well as punctuality for you to enjoy your food while it’s hot or maybe cold?

Help while
you Eat.

Skood Cares. We are saddened to see some of our fellow Baguio People having hard times because of the Global Pandemic happening right now. Therefore, we come to the agreement to provide free delivery service to any partners that aim to provide essentials and foods to our Covid Frontliners .

Go Local. Eat Local
Support Local.


Our mission is to make our Local Restaurants popular internationally. By sharing or patronizing our Baguio Dishes, you are helping them gain encouragement, exposure, and thus income in order for them to create more of these exquisite dishes.


During these times, we need to unite, and as Mayor Benjamin Magalong said “We HEAL as ONE”.

We are not just your typical Food Delivery App. Have a chat with us and you will know why. We are here to encourage you to do what you love.