Eat Local. 
 Support Local. 
 Enjoy Local.


Who are WE?

Skood is a food delivery app developed to empower small and local businesses in the city. We knew that it is easy to have an access to local and homemade food. In contrast to that, not all small and local businesses can afford to deliver around the city. We want all merchant just to focus in their business and customer to relax and satisfied their cravings. Here at Skood, we made it all easy!


Our vision as a food delivery service company is to build a community where each and everyone has an easy access with their favorite local foods – save time and energy for your love ones through a reliable and trusted marketplace in the city.


Our mission as a food delivery service company is to ensure that every small and local businesses here in Baguio City is not only surviving, but it also prosper. Skood encourage communities to shop local and satisfies their cravings through our marketplace.

Transforming Community for
a Better Future

Over the years, technology has been transforming our world and daily lives. It increasingly faster and high-powered than ever before. With all these rising technology it has made lives easier. Online food delivery is one product of technology that has impacted us That’s why Skood has been developed. Skood can make live easier, faster, better, and more fun. It is just a tap away and all our craving will be satisfied. With faster communication our community can grow faster and build better future.

We are not just your typical Food Delivery App. Have a chat with us and you will know why. We are here to encourage you to do what you love.